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Exchanging XLM to COTI: Choosing Reliable Exchangers



When working with cryptocurrency, it is essential to exchange XLM to COTI. Many websites perform these operations. It is necessary to find the most convenient and reliable one. After all, if this is not done, the likelihood of becoming a victim of scammers is very high.

In addition, on unfamiliar sites, they often ask for high commissions, and users risk losing a lot of money. Thus, xlm to coti exchange is complicated and requires special attention.

Online cryptocurrency exchanges

In terms of trustworthiness and rate of transactions, this method has an unpretentious benefit over the others. To exchange your XLM to COTI, you need to follow a few uncomplicated steps:

  • Opt for the best website for exchange.
  • Then you should decide on the pair to be exchanged.
  • Fill in the demanded fields and pay for the application.
  • The process is as easy as it seems to be, but when choosing a service, you need to focus on: the minimum and maximum exchange amount, the suggested rates, the prestige of the exchanger, the requirement to supply identity documents.

Benefits of the XLM

Stellar is considered effective means for producing cross-border payments anywhere in the world. The system incorporates banking tools sourced from Ripple and its decentralized protocol. The prominent benefits of Stellar:

  • Increased transaction processing speed — unlike the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the transfer is transmitted instantly to the validator in the Stellar system. The money is credited to the beneficiary’s account a few seconds after the payment is completed.
  • Lower energy consumption — no mining, thanks to the performance of the Stellar Consensus Protocol, the method of confirming transactions in the Stellar network is more energy-efficient than with the Proof-of-Work (PoW) agreement algorithm.
  • Easy Access — XLM can be used for blockchain transactions to states where virtual assets are little known or banned by the authorities.

Principles of competent exchange

Those users who work with cryptocurrency are accustomed to choosing exchangers with special care, using all the information that can be found on the Internet about this. In addition, data from special services that track the activities of such offices are taken into account.

Moreover, you should not wholly trust positive comments. The more there are, the more likely they are custom-made. But you should not completely ignore the positive comments. After all, if the exchanger has been working for a long time and people like it, they will only say good things. In general, everything should be weighed with great care.

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