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NFTs – how they are used in the Fashion industry?

NFT is a new concept that is based on blockchain technology. This is the same technology that cryptocurrencies use. The technology was first introduced in 2009 and gradually became popular across industries. Recently, the artists’ community has beenextensively using NFTs and blockchain to sell digital artwork. The reason for using this technology is simple. The blockchain platform has a centralized network where data is securely stored. There is no intermediary, making it less prone to duplication and scams. The underlying assets, like artwork, land, currencies, etc., are tokenized and traded in the network. NFTs are tokens with which the token holder can buy or sell digital assets in the network. Each transaction is time-stamped and stored. Hence, this is a secure and transparent system to beat counterfeits and scams in the art and fashion industry.

House of Fashion – a game-changer in Fashion

If you are an art and fashion sector expert, you must know the recent news trending about big fashion houses buying or selling priceless artwork through NFTs. House of Fashion is a collection of 10,000 collectibles in both physical and digital form. The creator Lisa Camero, popularly known as LCamero, with other team members, has embraced blockchain technology to promote her creations worldwide. The store is a blend of physical and digital fashion, as the clothing is available in both forms. The store also offers AR and VR-based digital wearables in multiple metaverses. She also created a community of fashion designers, stylists, models, photographers, and artists who can leverage their talent and work together on various events.

How to Purchase House of Fashion collectible?

The interested people to access her artwork may or may not be knowledgeable about blockchain. All they need is an email and credit card to hold the NFTs. People having their crypto wallets can also use the same. The collectibles can be purchased directly from the House of Fashion website. Apart from that, Opensea is an online marketplace where these collectibles can also be purchased.

Why House of Fashion is the best choice?

Apart from the fact that the store offers NFTs for the interest buyers, there are more benefits. The holders can access 10,000 art pieces in either physical or digital formats. The collectibles are released in phases, and 4,000 will be released in the first phase. The phydigital NFTs are airdropped to the holders. They can redeem or trade the tokens to buy collectibles in both physical and digital forms. Lifetime discount codes are offered to the holders to buy collectibles from the online store and its partner brands. The holders also get tickets to attend the fashion shows and events conducted by the House of Fashion and its partner brands. The NFT holders get the largest discounts across the store and benefit from member raffles held every quarter. There are many more benefits and rewards that the holders are eligible for.

How the fashion community can be benefitted?

The store offers an excellent opportunity for the art and fashion community to showcase their talent. The community members are eligible to get free tickets and accommodation in Miami, where the grand fashion show takes place. Photographers, stylists, models, and fashion designers can benefit by collaborating under a single platform. The store even provides all necessary coaching for newbies and funds for sourcing materials. The promotional activities need a lot of spending that individual artists might be unable to fund. The store does all the necessary promotions and media coverage on its behalf. It solves the funding issues for thriving artists and gives them the right exposure through all channels.

Start minting now!

To conclude, House of Fashion is a frontrunner in combining both the physical and digital worlds of fashion. Not only is it offering out-of-the-world experiences to the customers, but it also contributes to the community by sharing the platform and exhibiting talent. The concept is unique, and the process is simple. Also, the money is safe with innumerable benefits for the holders. Therefore, witness a world of imagination backed by technology and pristine art. Let your journey begin.

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