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NFT Marketing Hacks That Only the Best Blockchain Brands Know



Blockchain technology has paved the way for non-fungible tokens or NFTs, which have taken the digital world by storm. The term ‘fungible’ means to trade or exchange something for goods of equal value. NFTs are digital assets that can be bought and sold just like any other piece of property. However, they are non-fungible. Each NFT is ‘tokenized’ because it has a digital certificate of ownership, which makes it a unique asset. Therefore, you cannot exchange it at equivalency. This ownership token is stored and protected in a decentralized digital ledger known as a blockchain. With the emergence of new NFTs almost every other day, there is great impetus for the need for effective NFT marketing today.

The buzz behind investing in NFTs is unparalleled. Brands have put NFTs on a high pedestal today as they can be used to represent versatile digital files that include video, art, audio, tweets, virtual real estate, fashion, and the like.

Successful NFT brands — like BAYC and CryptoPunks — leverage specialized digital currency marketing strategies to raise brand awareness, reach a wider audience, create stellar brand experiences, and boost consumer interaction to drive conversions and generate exponential revenue. As NFTs continue to pique more people’s interests, there is an increase in demand for proper NFT marketing methods.

While companies spend many days curating the best NFT collections, they need a coherent NFT marketing strategy to be able to sell those. Many of these brands even take the help of a reputed NFT marketing agency for this purpose. Let’s take a look at NFT marketing hacks that the best blockchain brands use to their advantage:

  • Press Releases:

Press releases are one of the oldest marketing strategies in the book. The best NFT brands spread the word about their collections through regular press releases on fintech-related media platforms, such as CoinTelegrapgh, Yahoo Finance, etc. Informing the masses about your NFT project boosts brand awareness and adds to its credibility. As the engagement and visibility of your project increase, you will receive more bids on your NFT.

  • Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Social media platforms are one of the best places to promote your NFT project. Twitter being the hub of the entire crypto and NFT community, you can leverage Twitter DMs for promotion. Other platforms where you can promote your NFT include Reddit, Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram. Furthermore, when you get influencers to endorse your NFT project on social media, it can help influence the purchasing decision of customers.

  • NFT Listing in the Right Marketplaces:

All the best NFTs are listed on NFT marketplaces and trading platforms. Through the help of an efficient NFT marketing agency, you can get your NFT listed on the right marketplaces. OpenSea, Rarible, and Solsea are some examples of marketplaces where you can cater to the right audience.

  • Participate in Online Forum Discussions:

The best NFT brands build a strong network on platforms like Reddit, Telegram, Clubhouse, and Discord. They share their insights, answer questions, engage with digital creators, and interact with their target audience to turn them into potential buyers. You can even hold an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session in the tech and crypto space to build brand awareness.

  • Email Marketing:

Email marketing is still relevant and can be notable for cryptocurrency marketing. By staying in touch with your customers, sponsors, and potential buyers through email marketing, you can share relevant information frequently through newsletters, press releases, and announcements and keep them informed about the next NFT drop. Build customized emails that cater to your consumers’ choices and preferences and share exclusive content via emails.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The best NFT brands know how to leverage SEO for digital currency marketing. Create content with specific keywords to boost the organic visibility of your digital collectibles. Hire a reliable NFT PR agency to help you rank high on search engines. This would help direct your target audience directly to your website, generate bids, and make sales.

  • Hiring a Credible Online PR Agency:

The best-kept secret of successful NFT brands is hiring a dependable NFT marketing agency. The best agency for NFT promotion can take charge of all your NFT marketing needs, allowing you to focus on what you’re best at. Moreover, if the agency also provides social media verification services, it’s the icing on the cake. A verified social media account on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook would increase the chances of your success exponentially.

With blockchain technology backing NFTs, experts are certain that these digital assets will be playing a major role in the future of global finance. So, what are you waiting for? Join the NFT marketing bandwagon today, and consult a professional NFT PR agency to take your project to the moon!

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