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Sites which help you to promote your NFT 



Creating NFTs can be challenging but promoting NFTs is even more challenging. With the increasing popularity of NFTs, the competition in the market has increased drastically. Every now and then new NFT projects and collections are dropped on OpenSea and Rarible by various famous creators.

With so much competition, new artists struggle to keep up with the popular ones. Some fail to sell any, while some surpass famous artists overnight due to their promotional strategies. 

The reason for people failing to sell any NFTs is that their approach to the market isn’t practical enough. Compared to them, those who do sell well adopt clever approaches.

If you are a new NFT artist or collector, how you promote NFT art collection determines its success in the market. The strategy should be highly effective to mark your name in the NFT art world. 

It is important to know which sites or platforms have a good NFT audience to ensure you promote NFT collection on the right ones. 

5 most popular sites to promote NFT collection

Promotion or marketing strategy is not a talent, it is a skill that every NFT artist or creator should have to establish a successful career in any industry. The way you market your product or service in the world determines the results of your hard work.

To be a skilled promoter in the NFT industry, you need to be smart. Instead of finding traditional marketing strategies, be creative and innovative to develop the audience’s interest in your collection. 

One of the smartest moves is promoting the NFT collection at the right sites to gain a target audience. Instead of wasting time over platforms that don’t have many NFT communities, creators should focus on those sites that are the hub of NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

Here are 5 sites you should know where you can promote NFT collection: 

  1. Twitter

Twitter, also known as a bird app among users, is the most popular and relevant social platform of all. Unlike other platforms, Twitter is more community inclusive and trendy that remains on top for so many years. 

NFT influencers and buyers are all Twitter users. Every new project you hear, every NFT drop, and every new artist starts from Twitter. 

Twitter’s clever algorithm brings you to profiles that might be interested in buying or simply viewing NFTs. Therefore, promoting NFT collections on Twitter is the best decision you will ever make. Twitter can help you promote NFT collections for free.

  1. Discord

Discord is the most relevant site to understand which audience to target. It is an instant messaging site where users are divided through servers. Discord adopts VoIP technology on the platform for socializing. 

There are hundreds of NFT servers on Discord. You can join any of them to promote NFT art collection on various channels within the server. Discord is a helpful platform to feature your collection for free. 

Discord is easy to navigate, and you will find various buyers on one server easily. However, not every server welcomes creators to promote their NFT collection. So, only join those where you think you can promote your collection and interest the buyers.

  1. YouTube

Have you ever thought about video making or content creation? YouTube is just the platform for you. Although in the NFT world, YouTube is a famous site for the latest updates and NFT project drops by influencers, you can try to promote NFT collection by making your own videos too. 

YouTube allows you to unleash your creativity and talent as a creator through video making. Who knows? People might like your content and check out your NFT collection. 

Many artists also collaborate with existing NFT content creators because they already have a target audience. You can always contact them to feature your NFT collection too. 

  1. TikTok

Tiktok is a futuristic video-focused social app where people interact by making videos and doing challenges. NFTs content is a special favorite among the audiences. TikTok uses a smart algorithm to make sure your NFT content reaches the target audience and you gain potential buyers. You just need to use the right hashtags and follow the trends for TikTok to do its thing. 

Many NFT creators gained buyers through TikTok. You can collaborate with TikTok influencers to promote NFT collection.

  1. Medium

Lastly, Medium is an online website where all the latest news on various industries is published. There are featured articles, press releases, and news updates related to NFTs that many people see to remain up-to-date. 

You can hire press release agencies to write an article to promote your NFT art collection on a global scale. They can help you publish articles on Medium and other news sites. 


To conclude, these five sites are some of the most popular sites to promote NFT art collection online. Other than these, you can hire press release agencies or freelance writers to help you write promotional articles and publish them online. 

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