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The notion of Blockchain technology



Bitcoin is a decentralized, distributed network powered by blockchain technology. It resembles a “ledger” in which all transactions occurring in the network are recorded. Blockchain uses a consensus mechanism to ensure the reliability and accuracy of all transactions. Visit that link to check the place of mixers in Blockchain technology.

The main attitudes towards the Bitcoin system

In different countries, the attitude towards the Bitcoin system is quite different. In many countries, the status is still undecided or changing. Bitcoin transactions are officially allowed in some countries. They are usually treated as a commodity or an investment asset and subject to the relevant legislation for taxation. Sometimes, bitcoins are recognized as a monetary unit; in other countries, for example, in Japan, Bitcoin is legal tender with a tax on its purchase. In other countries (such as China), transactions with bitcoins are prohibited for banks but allowed for individuals.

That is, knowing the Bitcoin address (a digital alphabet up to 34 characters long) and the codes to it, you are the owner of those bitcoins that are registered at this address. If the code is lost, there is no way to recover those bitcoins. There are no “password resets,” “procedures to regain control of the wallet,” etc. In modern Bitcoin clients, the storage of addresses and keys is automated to simplify the process of using the system.

How to receive pure crypto coins?

To mix and receive “pure” crypto coins, you should go to the chipmixer onion link and specify the Bitcoin address to receive. Then, set the parameters: service delay and commission. The strength of mixing depends on them: high or medium. Once such a transaction is made, all computers on the network check it to make sure it is valid. For example, they verify that the coins in the transaction really exist and really belong to the sender. Since everyone is checking, it is impossible to deceive them.

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