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Leen Kawas Explores Blockchain Growth; How Crypto Impacts Healthcare



As the Co-Founder of Athira Pharma, as well as the inventor of its leading drug candidate, ATH-1017, Dr. Leen Kawas has spent a formidable amount of time in the public spotlight as both an entrepreneur and an expert in the field of technology and medical growth.

Dr. Kawas took time out of her day to discuss the importance of blockchain technology as well as its impact on the medical field when she sat down with the team at Crypto News.

Versed in the role of venture capitalism and primed to understand new biotech and life sciences, Kawas had some unique thoughts on the concepts at large.

Blockchain Technology & Medical Benefits

We are living in an increasingly digitized landscape, and that is only going to become further enhanced in the future. Currently, companies that are lagging behind in digital adoption are doing so at a great loss of efficiency, automation, and problematic operation costs. Dr. Kawas points out that blockchain technology can address all of these areas while benefiting businesses along the way.

Kawas points out that each member of the Blockchain can view the entire history of the chain, auditing the trail to banish potential fraud opportunities. Blessed with end-to-end encryption, as well as permission-based access, Kawas underscores how secure blockchain technology can be for businesses with sensitive information.

Blockchain & Healthcare Outcomes

The United States healthcare industry is lagging behind in some areas, but it began adopting blockchain technology in earnest in the 2020s. Research into the space indicated that wholesale acceptance of blockchain technology should only continue as businesses continue to embrace its benefits. At the time of this writing, Kawas predicts that there will be more widespread industry adoption.

There are a variety of ways that blockchain technology can tangibly improve the way that healthcare businesses operate, so let’s underscore a few of them together.

  • Secured Medical Records Leen Kawas points to the security of Blockchain-based medical records as one of the leading reasons for blockchain adoption. Dr. Leen Kawas points out that Blockchain-based medical systems offer streamlined solutions within a single patient data ecosystem.
  • Secured Applications – Data breaches are a real concern whether you are in the medical field or something else entirely. The decentralized Blockchain scheme allows physicians, therapists, hospitals, and pharmacists to rest easy knowing that large-scale breaches are a subdued risk.
  • Supply Chain Oversight – Medical labs, as well as manufacturing facilities, end up producing millions of doses of medication for individuals in the United States market. Medication tampering is a reality, and incidents have occurred throughout time. Blockchain technology can help improve and expand supply chain oversight, diminishing these issues along the way.

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